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Hunan construction machinery shines on the world stage

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From October 24 to 30, BMW Exhibition Bauma 2022, a grand event of the global construction machinery industry, was held at the Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. Focusing on industry digitalization and sustainable development, it gathered more than 3,000 exhibitors from 58 countries and regions. Construction machinery enterprises from China's Hunan Province shine on the world stage with their leading digital, intelligent and electric technology achievements and products

Benchmarking products attract a flood of orders

Zoomlion'S Italian subsidiary CIFA HAS attracted customers from all over the world with its locally manufactured new products, such as off-road tyre cranes, full ground cranes and city cranes, on the important stage of global construction machinery. As of October 28, Zoomlion signed orders and intention orders at the exhibition site with a total amount of more than 1.2 billion yuan, covering the whole categories of main machine products, such as workstart, concrete, earthmoving, high machine, build machine and forklift truck, showing high popularity.


In shape design and performance, are tailored for the European market, can be said to be Zoomlion in the crane research and development, localized manufacturing field in Europe to create benchmark products.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Zoomlion. At the exhibition site, Zoomlion's new products caught people's attention, and various wonderful activities attracted countless fans.

Zoomlion displayed and played on the scene the development history of the enterprise events, the review of high-tech products photo wall and documentary films, so that the audience in the sense of history and modern technology blend, feel the development of China's construction machinery sonor sound.

In the interactive experience area of the exhibition area, a micro-landscape architecture is created. The 3D virtual accurate design and construction simulation of Zoomlion's overseas large-scale engineering projects are carried out through real VR. Visitors will experience the operation of construction machinery as if they were on the ground. The smart rental system and smart service system displayed in the digital experience area are real scenes created by Zoomlion with advanced future technologies, so that the audience can better understand the cutting-edge technological achievements of construction machinery.

New electric product 'out of stock'

The world's first fully battery powered telescopic boom crawler crane in Sany Exhibition area became the focus of the audience on the first day. Sany SCE800TB-EV attracted a large number of audience members to take photos, and many media reporters boarded the huge body to do live coverage.


As soon as the device was launched, it was ordered by a Norwegian customer. According to the report, the device completely replaces the diesel engine with battery and motor, and can work for eight hours continuously on a single charge. Compared with the diesel crane of the same tonnage, it is more environmentally friendly, quiet and more powerful.

Ten years ago, Sany acquired Putzmeister. In the Putzmeister exhibition area, people crowded around China's first electric mixer to gain market access in Europe. The electric mixer, developed by Sany and Putzmeister, has passed nearly 80 rigorous certification tests. On the first day, more than 400 orders and intention orders were obtained.


As the global sales champion of excavators, Sany has released 10 new excavators at a time. Among them, the pure electric micro mining SY19E, which landed in Europe for the first time, attracted much attention, and the test driving crowd lined up in a long line.

Technical personnel introduced that SY19E has battery, plug-in, external connection and other charging modes, weight less than 2 tons, like the use of household appliances, while plugging while working. On-site customers are full of enthusiasm to buy, SY19E soon into the "out of stock" state.

At this exhibition, Sany received a large number of orders for new products such as pure electric cranes, pure electric stirring trucks and pure electric excavators. The industry believes that Sany electric products have won recognition from customers all over the world, leading the domestic electric engineering vehicle products to the high-end.

Force the international high-end market

With its main forces on the ground, more than 20 kinds of innovative equipment, such as series of excavators, slippage loaders, high-altitude working platforms, rotary drilling RIGS and so on, have been independently developed by Sunward Inteligent, showing the innovative strength of Chinese manufacturing to the world.

Excavating machinery phalanx of small tailless excavators, micro-small excavators and sliPPage loaders, with energy saving, safety, intelligence and other advantages, favored by European customers.

The representative sent by crane Phalanx is the first domestic small telescopic arm crawler crane that has passed CE certification in Europe and the United States. It is suitable for narrow area operation, with self-lifting supporting shovel and high operation stability.

Sunward Intelligent high-altitude Machinery is the first time to participate in the German Bauma Show. With years of technology precipitation, Sunward intelligent high-altitude machinery in more than 2 years, successfully developed 6 series, more than 30 models and specifications of innovative products. An endless stream of customers to consult the site, the first day of the high altitude machinery field exhibition machine sold out.

Europe is a key export area of Sunward Inteligent. In 2021, the company's sales in Europe grew 128 percent from the previous year. Among them, since the first export of Sunward Intelligent excavator to Europe in 2004, the overall market in Europe has more than 20,000 units, becoming one of the most popular excavator brands.

The relevant person in charge of Sunward Intelligent introduced that since 2007, Sunward Inteligent has participated in 6 German Bauma Fair, the scale of the exhibition is bigger than each other, and the product categories are more and more rich. In fact, Europe's high-end market is also constantly forcing companies to improve their product design and manufacturing.

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